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Recommended Technology Platform

Hardware, software, and technology platforms we recommend.


Server & Workstation – Dell hardware is recommended as they provide great phone and on-site support, Lenovo is a good second option. Either of these hardware providers have a number of options for business of all sizes and needs.

Backup & Disaster Recovery – For a complete backup and recovery system we recommend a hybrid approach with the primary being on-site storage using Synology NAS devices, with cloud storage as a secondary. This provides the most flexibility in supporting a number of different devices whether on-site or remote.


Office/Productivity – Microsoft Office is recommended as they provide not only web apps for real-time collaboration but also desktop apps for those who need to work offline.


Email – Microsoft 365, this allows the addition of advanced phishing and filtering platforms that integrate directly with the platform. This is a great option for most businesses if they already pay for Microsoft licensing, they will have this included which helps consolidate and reduce costs.

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